Character Name: Nuri, owned by Yunny Chung

Character Name: Nuri, owned by Yunny Chung

Project Definition

Welcome to Yunsletter! 📰

<Figure 1: How Yunsletter is delivered internally in my team via Teams>

<Figure 1: How Yunsletter is delivered internally in my team via Teams>

Yunsletter is a weekly internal newsletter that contains a few major learning lessons I gained in a previous week. It is delivered on Sunday~Monday morning and it is shared as a Teams post format. I decided to start this small initiative in hopes of being YUNseful (useful in Yunny's way 😆) to others in my team.

In the newsletter, I will cover from technical to non-technical topics (ex: mentorship, Microsoft benefits, book or article recs, etc). If you have any topics you want me to cover, or any topics that were mentioned in the newsletter and want me to expand, please feel free to fill out this form or if you are in Microsoft, leave a reply/ping me via Teams!

If you find the content useful, please feel free to share with others or send me a request to add members to Yunsletter Teams team. As always, any feedback would be really appreciated  🙏🏻

Yunsletter format is like below, inspired by Facebook's HPMs (Highlights, People and Me) document format:

Highlights [Highlights of my weekly learning from my work & outside of my work] From My Work:

Outside of My Work:


[People whom I appreciate and/or people whom I got to know more]


[Things that I have been thinking of the week]


<aside> 🚫 Restricted Access due to the potential confidentiality of information. People without access will not be able to see the link to the issues.


<aside> ğŸŽ‰ If you work for Microsoft, and if you would like to be a subscriber of Yunsletter - first, THANK YOU for considering to join the subscriber list!

Second, please contact me via Teams to be added to the subscriber list.